Guidelines - Mentor

We at Mentro make sure it's easy to get started as a mentor. The following points will help you get started on the platform:
  • Students, Learners & Job-Seekers can send you various types of session requests like Resume Review, Mock Interview, Placement Roadmap, Domain or Technical Doubts, Referral Session and more.
  • Based on your knowledge, experience and specialization you can accept a session request and reply back or directly schedule a 1-on-1 call.
  • The 1-on-1 call is completely flexible for you and your mentee and can be taken on any platform like Google meet, Zoom, etc. Once you schedule a call, you'll be able to keep a track record of it in your Scheduled Calls screen. You'll also get notifications for the same.
  • At the scheduled time of the call, you can just share a video call link over the started session (as a chat message). The Mentee would be able to join in and you can discuss and guide them out with clarity.
  • You are free to discuss as much as you want through messages or schedule multiple calls for the same session in order to clarify if anything is still not clear for the mentee or any other technical or personal issues at the previous scheduled time.
  • Once you and your mentee are satisfied with the session and the concerned doubt or query for that session has been clarified, you need to click on the End Session Button at top right of your session/chat screen.
  • The Mentee then will be able to provide a rating for your sessions (in terms of stars), and that particular session will be officially ended.
  • We highly recommend, to take up one kind of doubt/issue/query per session request. In fact that is exactly how it is supposed to be. Once that session's work is done, you should ideally hit the End Session and request for a rating of the session.
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